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PEJEPERRO FILMS is a production company based in Santiago, Chile. Its explorations focus on socio-cultural and environmental issues, seeking to enhance the dialogue between fiction, documentary and media arts, highlighting projects such as "Perro Bomba” (Chile-France, 2019) world premiere at 36th Miami Film Festival, winner of three awards at the Malaga Film Festival in Spanish, One Future Prize at Filmfest München, Audience Award and Best Director at Gramado IFF and awards at the Cinélatino Rencontres de Toulouse and Guadalajara IFF, among others.
ESKAMA AUDIOVISUAL is a production company with interest in HR and Mapuche culture, in works such as "Kafküyaenew ta ko" (2018) and "La lluvia fue testigo" (2018), the documentary series "Ül" (2019) and "Letras de la Patagonia" (2020)". Its projects have been awarded in different festivals, such as DocsBarcelona, Viña del Mar, FicWallmapu, Lebu, FECIPA, among others.
PIKUN FILMS is a newborn production company established in Viña del mar, Chile. Focused on themes of indigenous peoples of Valparaiso of the Valparaiso region and the revitalization of the Mapuche language, as well as the portrait of artists and their creative processes. Among his projects are the film essay narrated in Mapuzugun “Azentukey Che” (2024); “Somos Agua” (2025), about the Chilean artist Luis Abarca, and “La Gran Máquina” (2023), currently in post-production.

YEAR: 2022





Direction – Script: Daniel Díaz 

Script consultant: José Luis Torres Leiva – Christopher Murray –

Elisa Eliash – Tiziana Panizza

Executive Producer: Esteban Sandoval – Felipe Poblete

Associate producer: Cristian Jesús Mellado

Production consultant: Gabriela Sandoval 

Research: Daniel Diaz – Cristian Jesús Mellado

General Production: Cristian Jesús Mellado

Director of photography: Valeria Fuentes

Camera: Valeria Fuentes – Danilo Miranda – Javier Morales –

Daniel Díaz – Eduardo Ramos

Editing: Tania Araya – Daniel Díaz

Editing consultant: Andrea Chignoli – Carolina Siraqyan –

Melisa Miranda

Sound design: Christian Cosgrove – Camilo Jiménez 

Direct sound: Esteban Sandoval – Eduardo Ramos –

Cristian Jesús Mellado – Margarita Egaña 

Archival records: Bernardo Oyarzún – Alonso Duarte –

Astrid Gutiérrez – Nelly Oyarzún Ruiz – Hugo Muñoz –

Manuel Chávez – Patricio Oyarzún – Hernán Rojas

Communications advisor: Siete Soles Agency

Original music: Francisco Herrera “Vñvm”.

Post-production coordination: Esteban Sandoval – Valeria Fuentes

Image post-production: Infractor Films

Sound post-production: Yagan Films

Graphic Design: Camila Toro – Andrea Díaz

Poster: Natalia Geisse

Illustration: Laura Zavala

Web Site: Lucía Aguayo

Production Houses: Pejeperro Films – Pikun Films – Eskama Audiovisual (Chile)